What are District Leaders?

District Leaders, commonly called DLs, are unpaid, volunteer elected officials. They represent the members of a political party in their District and ensure that their party is democratically governed by its members. District Leaders are subject to an election held every two years at their regularly scheduled party primary.

District sizes vary but always follow the borders of State Assembly districts. Assembly districts are divided into parts, and each part elects a Male and a Female Democratic District Leader with the same responsibilities. The election of Male and Female leaders seeks to ensure parity in the party’s hierarchy.

CFD District Leaders represent more than 40,000 Democrats in Part C of the 67th Assembly District and Part B of the 69th Assembly District on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. DLs are elected in odd-numbered years and will be up for re-election in the September 2013 Democratic Party Primary.

The position of Democratic District Leader has limited formal powers. DLs sit on the Executive Committee of the Manhattan Democratic Party, they hire poll workers and election inspectors, and most importantly, guide local political clubs.

Because of these limited powers, the role of DL is really what you choose to make of it. We are active – and activist – District Leaders.

  • We sponsor and participate in community and Democratic Party events on behalf of Upper West Side Democrats.
  • We act as a liaison to local elected officials so that residents of our district receive quick and effective constituent services.
  • We support elected officials and candidates that will best represent our community.
  • We oppose government agencies and elected officials that are unresponsive to the needs of our community.
  • Most importantly, we help lead, organize, and coordinate Democratic activists at the Community Free Democrats, the largest and most influential political club on the Upper West Side.