For New York City Council, 7th District, CFD Endorses Mark Levine
Mark Levine endorsed with 74% of the vote on the first ballot
Joyce Johnson second with 19%
Mark Otto and Luis Tejada tied with 2% each
No other candidates received a top-ranking vote

*** For District Leaders:
67th Assembly District
Shari Gottheim
Marc Landis

69th Assembly District
Joan Paylo
Nick Prigo

*** For Judicial Delegates and Alternates:
67th Delegates (in order)
Susan Gwertzman
Rob Gottheim
David Matarasso
Hilda B Classon

67th Alternate (in order)
Ari Goodman
Louis Cholden-Brown
Bridget Amatore
Mark Finkel

69th Delegate (in order)
Lloyd McAulay
Rebecca Gantcher
Ron Walton
John Bonhomme

69th Alternate (in order)
Bob Eckel
Judith Bader-York
Audrey Isaacs
Sharon Silberfarb