A majority of the A majority of the Board of Directors, Officers and District leaders of Community Free Democrats (CFD) have voted in favor of a resolution urging our Congressional representatives to support approval of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the multinational agreement to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. The full resolution is attached.

We urge Senator Gillibrand, Representative Rangel and Representative Nadler to vote in favor of the deal. We urge Senator Schumer, in light of his announced opposition to the deal, to refrain from lobbying his colleagues to join him in opposition, to consider not voting to override a Presidential veto should the deal fail to be approved by Congress, and perhaps to even re-consider his decision based on new expressions of support from nuclear scientists and the former head of United Against Nuclear Iran, Gary Samore.

Resolution In Support of the International Agreement to Prevent Iran From Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

Whereas, an agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon was reached between Iran and the international community after more than six years of discussions,

Whereas, an overwhelming majority of nuclear experts agrees that this deal is a good deal and far better than no deal,

Whereas, without a deal, and its concomitant monitoring, inspections and restraint, Iran could “breakout” and have a nuclear weapon in as short as three months,

Whereas, with this international agreement Iran’s nuclear building program would be halted from ten to fifteen years,

Whereas, with this international agreement cheating on the part of Iran would be far easier to detect than what is in place today,

Whereas, if Iran cheated there are mechanisms in the agreement to reinstate sanctions,

Whereas, the critics of this international agreement have not come up with an alternative other than to ratchet up sanctions or military intervention,

Whereas, if this international agreement, which was agreed to by the United States and five other major countries, plus the United Nations Security Council, were to be rejected by the US Congress international sanctions would surely fall apart and Iran would be free to pursue nuclear weapons without sanctions,

Therefore, Be It Resolved, That Community Free Democrats calls on Congress, and especially its elected officials, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Congress members Jerrold Nadler and Charlie Rangel, to support the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and support President Obama’s veto of any legislation that rejects the agreement.