Thursday, June 25, 7:30 PM
Goddard Riverside Community Center
Columbus Avenue and 88th Street

Stop JHL Expansion on West 97th Street
Speakers will include Win Armstrong of the Park West Village Tenant Association and Susannah Fritton of the PS 163 Task Force for Safe Schools

Neighborhood residents are fighting it! PS 163 parents are fighting it! Councilmember Mark Levine has introduced a bill to protect our schools from it!

Start at 1 pm on June 25th by standing with PS 163 students and parents to support CM Levine’s bill at a City Council hearing. Then attend the CFD meeting to join the fight, as we hear from those most affected and consider taking action including a resolution urging passage of CM Levine’s bill.

Presidential Endorsement Vote
Speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton will be Senator Jose Serrano and speaking for Bernie Sanders will be CFD District Leader Nick Prigo

It’s not too early to learn more about the candidates and to declare our support for the one our Club feels should and will be the next President of the United States.

With health care legislation under constant attack, organized labor increasingly vilified, and the Supreme Court one vote away from effectively eliminating a woman’s right to control her reproductive health, the stakes in the next national election could hardly be higher.

Come participate in this most fundamental of political club activities. Help us select CFD’s endorsed candidate, so we can get out ahead of the rest doing everything we can — voter registration, getting the name on the ballot, phone-banking, selling buttons — to keep a Democrat in the White House!