United States President/Vice President – Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine
US Senate – Charles E. Schumer
US Congress – Jerrold L. Nadler
NY State Senate – Jose M. Serrano, 29th District
NY State Senate – Bill Perkins, 30th District
NY State Assembly – Linda B. Rosenthal, 67th District
NY State Assembly – Daniel J. O’Donnell, 69th District
Justice of the Supreme Court, 1st Judicial District
Rolando T. Acosta
Rosalyn Richter
Troy K. Webber
Doris Ling-Cohan
Robert R. Reed
Erika M. Edwards
Kelly O’Neill Levy
James d’Auguste
Andrea Masley
Judge of the Civil Court, NY County
Josh E. Hashaft
Emily Morales-Minerva