Last Chance to Register to Vote on Nov. 8; in 2017 City-Wide Primaries, Too!

Binge-watching CNN’s clash of wonks and screaming partisans does not suffice this season. This is one big game you don’t want to watch from the sidelines.

Two important voter registration deadlines fall this week, and the NYC Board of Elections will host in-person voter registration drives at four locations on the Upper West Side.

Want to vote for US President and other federal, state and local offices up for grabs in the General Election on Tuesday, November 8, 2016? IF YOU AREN’T YET REGISTERED TO VOTE, YOU MUST DO SO THIS WEEK.

And a lesser known fact: Do you want to be eligible to vote in the 2017 city-wide Primary Elections for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate, City Council, et al.? This week is also the deadline for you to DECLARE OR CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION so that you can vote in the party primary of your choice. Yes, although those elections will be held in September, 2017, you won’t have a voice in some hotly contested local races UNLESS YOU DESIGNATE A PARTY AFFILIATION THIS WEEK!

On Thursday, Oct. 13 from 3 to 8 p.m., and on Saturday, Oct. 15 from 1 to 9 p.m., you can register at

LaGuardia High School, 100 Amsterdam Ave.

PS 53/811, 466 West End Ave.

Frank McCourt HS, 151 West. 84th St.

West Side High School, 140 W. 102 St.

A full list of “Voter Registration Sites” throughout the city is available on the BOE web site at You’ll find it listed on the menu to the left.

You can also register to vote or change your party enrollment the old-fashioned way, in person at a Board of Elections office (deadline, Friday, Oct. 14) or by snail mail (postmark deadline, also Oct. 14). To get deadline details, locations, forms to fill out, or to register online if you have a valid NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles ID, see the “For Voters” tab on the BOE web site.

 The site will also guide you in applying for an absentee ballot.

CFD Endorsements 2015

On May 28th CFD voted to endorse the following candidates for the 2015 election cycle.

District Leader, 67th A.D., Part C – Female
Shari Gottheim

District Leader, 67th A.D., Part C – Male
Marc Landis

District Leader, 69th A.D., Part B – Female
Joan Paylo

District Leader, 69th A.D., Part B – Male
Nick Prigo

Judicial Delegates, 67th AD
Susan Gwertzman
Ray Hodell
Robert Gottheim

Alternate Judicial Delegates, 67th AD
Hilda B. Classon
Bridget Amatore
Theresa Baiano

Judicial Delegates, 69th AD
Judith Bader-York
Sharon Silberfarb
Irene Dess

Alternate Judicial Delegates, 69th AD
Lloyd McAulay
Joan Mendez

April 23 - Affordable Housing in Peril

Affordable Housing in Peril:
Will Albany Renew Expiring Rent Regs?

Thursday, April 23
Goddard Riverside Community Center
Columbus Avenue and 88th Street
Monthly Meeting starts at 7:30 PM
Panel Discussion at 8:00 PM

Nominations for CFD candidates for Delegates and Alternates in the 67th and 69th Assembly Districts to the 2015 Judicial Convention

The laws establishing ‘Rent Regs’ (Rent Stabilization and Rent Control) will expire this June. And although the affected apartments are in New York City, the state legislature holds the reins on this issue.

Come hear Sue Susman, affordable housing advocate, and Ellen Davidson, a Legal Aid attorney working on the new legislation, discuss the history, current status and outlook for ‘rent regs.’ Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal will provide an up-to-the-minute report on the proceedings in Albany, including the progress of her bill to move certain de-regulated units back into regulated status. And a report on a meeting convened to coordinate community advocacy in support of rent regs will jump-start a conversation on the big question: What Can We Do?!

Be heard! Bring your questions and comments!

Please download the meeting flier to forward to your friends, post in your building and share on local bulletin boards

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of March 2014 Minutes
3. President’s Report
4. Treasurer’s Report
5. Rent Regulations Panel Discussion: Sue Susman, Ellen Davidson, Bob Amsterdam, Arlene Karole
6. Rent Regulation Update by Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal
7. Nominations for Judicial Delegates and Alternates
8. Elected and Party Official Reports
9. New Business
10. Adjourn

UWS Street Fair Schedule

Broadway, 96-102 Street
Veritas, Inc.

Broadway, 102-106 Street
Duke Ellington Blvd. Neighborhood Association

Broadway, 86-93 Street
Broadway Mall Center

Columbus Ave, 66– 72 Street
Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center

Amsterdam Ave, 77–89 Street
West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Broadway, 72-82 Street
Coalition for a Livable West Side

Broadway, 82-86 Street
Safe Haven West Side Basketball League

Broadway, 65-72 Street
Project Open at Lincoln Center Towers

Broadway, 73-82 Street
West Side Fed. of Neighborhood & Block Assoc.

Broadway, 82-86 Street
The Broadway Mall Association

Amsterdam Ave, 96–106 St
Valley Restoration, LDC

Broadway, 60-65 Street
Environmentally Sound Development

Amsterdam Ave, 79-86 Street
Goddard Riverside

Columbus Ave, 68–86 Street
West Manhattan Chamber of Commerce

Broadway, 96–103 Street
Bloomingdale Area Coalition

Broadway, 86 – 90 Street
NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch

Broadway, 90 – 96 Street
Symphony Space

Thank you to CFD's 2014 Officers & Board!

President Jason Haber
Treasurer Robert M. Gottheim
VP Communications Elizabeth Schwartz
VP Membership & Public Outreach Erica Overton
VP Programming & Special Events Ray Hodell
Fundraising Director Mark Diller
Recording Secretary Irene Dess
Corresponding Secretary Ron Walton

Members At Large
Ana Singh
Audrey Isaacs
Ben Schachter
Bob Eckel
Clare Dockery
Gabriel Rosen
Hilda B. Classon
Jack Kellner
Jean Lee Anderson
Joan Mendez
Joe Lawrence
John Bonhomme
Judy Bader-York
Lloyd McAulay
Lou Nock
Louis Cholden-Brown
Maggi Peyton
Mark Finkel
Micah Lasher
Milagros Stanley
Rachel Landis
Renee Goodstein
Sharon Silberfarb
Suzanne Jacobson
Will King

Feb 26 - Nominations, CB7, and AM Rosenthal

Thursday, February 26th

Goddard-Riverside Community Center
593 Columbus Avenue (NE Corner of 88th Street)

We'll hear from Elizabeth Caputo, chair of CB7, about issues currently on their docket. Next, Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal will bring us up to date on Shifting Gears in the Assembly. You won't want to miss this informative meeting!

Nominees must be dues-paying, voting members of the club, and have their names put forward at the Feb 26 meeting.

May 17 - 46th Annual Spring Gala

You are cordially invited to Community Free Democrats'
46th Annual Spring Gala

Sunday, May 17th

Bella Luna
584 Columbus Avenue (Between 88th and 89th Streets)

Invitation to Follow

Jason Haber, CFD President

Hon. Marc A. Landis, Shari Gottheim, Joan M. Paylo and Nick Prigo
CFD District Leaders

December 18 - Holiday Party

CFD Holiday Party

Thursday, December 18th

7:30pm – 9:30pm

The Bromley
225 West 83rd Street, 2nd Floor

Admission is free

Come and enjoy the fun, festivities and food.

December 18 - Holiday Party

CFD Holiday Party

Thursday, December 18th

7:30pm – 9:30pm

The Bromley
225 West 83rd Street, 2nd Floor

Admission is free

Come and enjoy the fun, festivities and food.

November 20 - Honoring David Dinkins (Note Special Location)

The CFD meeting on Thursday, November 20, will be a joint meeting with PRID (Park River Independent Democrats).

Note that the meeting will be held at the community room of Schwab House, 285 West End Avenue at 73rd Street.

PRID is honoring former mayor David Dinkins, who is expected to arrive at 7:50 PM. CFD has invited a speaker from New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, whom we expect to introduce at 8:30 PM. We are asking CFD members to come at our club's usual start time of 7:30 PM. PRID and CFD have also invited Ansonia club members to join us for this exciting meeting as well.

Please help us spread the word to everyone you know in the club and to anyone else who might be interested.