Results of May 23rd Endorsement Votes

*** For Mayor:
The membership voted not to endorse for mayor.

*** For Public Advocate:
The membership voted not to endorse for public advocate.

*** For Manhattan Borough President
Gale Brewer was endorsed with 78% of the vote on the first ballot.
Julie Menin second with 15%
Robert Jackson third with 3%
Jessica Lappin and No Endorsement each received 2%

*** For Civil Court Judge, 5th District
Peter Moulton, as an unopposed candidate, was endorsed from the floor by acclamation.

Results of the April 25th Endorsement Votes

For New York City Council, 7th District, CFD Endorses Mark Levine
Mark Levine endorsed with 74% of the vote on the first ballot
Joyce Johnson second with 19%
Mark Otto and Luis Tejada tied with 2% each
No other candidates received a top-ranking vote

*** For District Leaders:
67th Assembly District
Shari Gottheim
Marc Landis

69th Assembly District
Joan Paylo
Nick Prigo

*** For Judicial Delegates and Alternates:
67th Delegates (in order)
Susan Gwertzman
Rob Gottheim
David Matarasso
Hilda B Classon

67th Alternate (in order)
Ari Goodman
Louis Cholden-Brown
Bridget Amatore
Mark Finkel

69th Delegate (in order)
Lloyd McAulay
Rebecca Gantcher
Ron Walton
John Bonhomme

69th Alternate (in order)
Bob Eckel
Judith Bader-York
Audrey Isaacs
Sharon Silberfarb

Results of the March 21st Endorsement Votes

For New York City Comptroller, CFD endorses SCOTT STRINGER.

For New York County District Attorney, CFD endorses CY VANCE, Jr.

For New York City Council - 6th District, CFD endorses MARC LANDIS

Percentage of first-choice ballots (preferential voting):
Marc Landis 80%
Mel Wymore 9%
Helen Rosenthal 6%
Debra Cooper 2%
Ken Biberaj 1%
Noah Gotbaum 0%
No Endorsement/Blank 2%