Oct 13 – Democratic Debate Watch Party

You’re Invited:

Watch the Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate
Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 8:30

Dublin House
225 West 79th Street
(Just East of Broadway)

Join other Upper West Side Democrats and cheer for your candidate. Beer, wine and soft drinks will be provided, and pizza, too. If the Mets haven’t swept the Dodgers, we will of course provide updates!!

Sep 17 – Judicial Candidates Forum

Dear Delegates, Alternates, District Leaders, Party and elected officials, members and friends.

Community Free Democrats and it’s Judiciary Committee invite you to attend a Forum for all candidates for Justice of the Supreme Court, New York County.

The Forum will be held on Thursday, September 17, 2015 at Goddard Riverside Community Center, located on Columbus Avenue, corner of West 88th Street, from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Each candidate will be allotted time to speak and to answer questions, if any, and time limits will be strictly enforced.

We hope that you will attend and participate

Resolution In Support of the International Agreement to Prevent Iran From Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

A majority of the A majority of the Board of Directors, Officers and District leaders of Community Free Democrats (CFD) have voted in favor of a resolution urging our Congressional representatives to support approval of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the multinational agreement to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear bomb. The full resolution is attached.

We urge Senator Gillibrand, Representative Rangel and Representative Nadler to vote in favor of the deal. We urge Senator Schumer, in light of his announced opposition to the deal, to refrain from lobbying his colleagues to join him in opposition, to consider not voting to override a Presidential veto should the deal fail to be approved by Congress, and perhaps to even re-consider his decision based on new expressions of support from nuclear scientists and the former head of United Against Nuclear Iran, Gary Samore.

Resolution In Support of the International Agreement to Prevent Iran From Obtaining a Nuclear Weapon

Whereas, an agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon was reached between Iran and the international community after more than six years of discussions,

Whereas, an overwhelming majority of nuclear experts agrees that this deal is a good deal and far better than no deal,

Whereas, without a deal, and its concomitant monitoring, inspections and restraint, Iran could “breakout” and have a nuclear weapon in as short as three months,

Whereas, with this international agreement Iran’s nuclear building program would be halted from ten to fifteen years,

Whereas, with this international agreement cheating on the part of Iran would be far easier to detect than what is in place today,

Whereas, if Iran cheated there are mechanisms in the agreement to reinstate sanctions,

Whereas, the critics of this international agreement have not come up with an alternative other than to ratchet up sanctions or military intervention,

Whereas, if this international agreement, which was agreed to by the United States and five other major countries, plus the United Nations Security Council, were to be rejected by the US Congress international sanctions would surely fall apart and Iran would be free to pursue nuclear weapons without sanctions,

Therefore, Be It Resolved, That Community Free Democrats calls on Congress, and especially its elected officials, Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand and Congress members Jerrold Nadler and Charlie Rangel, to support the international agreement to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and support President Obama’s veto of any legislation that rejects the agreement.

Oct 1 – Common Core: What Works, What Doesn’t, and What We Can Do About It

Goddard-Riverside Community Center, 593 Columbus Ave.
Community Free Democrats Meeting
Thursday, October 1, 7:30 p.m.
(NE corner of West 88th Street)

We welcome our panel of education leaders:

Kathleen Cashin, member, State Board of Regents

Ben Shuldiner, member, Mayor’s Panel on Education Policy

Dan Katz, chair, Common Core Committee of the Community Education Council, District 3 (Upper West Side)

Some Issues to be discussed include:

  • The Common Core State Standards, which New York has adopted, and the state tests aligned to these standards, which are now administered to students beginning in 3rd grade. The standards and tests have generated opposition on both sides of the aisle in the form of a statewide opt-out protest movement, an issue-specific ballot line (“Stop Common Core”) in 2014 and posturing and/or problem-solving from the public and private
  • The aspirations and limitations of the new standards
  • Lessons to be learned from the controversial way they were rolled out in our state and The public backlash against the standards and how public officials have responded.

Bring your questions and join us for a timely and informative conversation.CFD’s monthly meetings are free and open to the public.

CFD Endorses Hillary Clinton

Community Free Democrats, one of the oldest, strongest, and most influential reform Democratic clubs in Manhattan, voted at its June 25th Membership Meeting to endorse the candidacy of Hillary Rodham Clinton for President of the United States. The tally was 59% to endorse Clinton; 34% to endorse Bernie Sanders; and 7% for no endorsement.

Club President Stephanie Lasher said, “I am so proud CFD is the first political club in New York State to officially support Secretary Clinton, who served us so well as our US Senator, in her campaign for the Presidency. Community Free Democrats eagerly anticipates the excitement and energy we know we will find when we campaign on our neighborhood streets in 2016.”

District Leader Joan Paylo added, “So many Americans have been waiting for a uniquely experienced candidate to emerge who is tough, compassionate, and very, very smart. Like many women, Secretary Clinton has paid her dues and done her homework many times over; she will be a great President. That we have a chance to elect a world leader who will speak with a strong and clear woman’s voice is a dream come true for so many, young and old alike, at home and abroad.”

District Leader Nick Prigo, who supported an endorsement vote for Senator Bernie Sanders, commented, “Bernie Sanders is a wonderful progressive with a clear vision for the future of our country. I appreciate how seriously CFD took his candidacy and the spirited and positive dialogue that ensued. This entire endorsement process was a testament to the Democratic activism of the Upper West Side. While I’m disappointed he didn’t win the club’s endorsement, he remains an overwhelmingly positive influence on the Presidential campaign.”

Community Free Democrats was founded as a reform Democratic club in 1969. It is the home club of Representative Jerry Nadler, NYS Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, and Assemblymember Linda Rosenthal. Membership meetings are usually held the 4th Thursday of the month, except during the summer months.

June 25 – Keep JHL off 97th St; Endorsement Vote for US President

Thursday, June 25, 7:30 PM
Goddard Riverside Community Center
Columbus Avenue and 88th Street

Stop JHL Expansion on West 97th Street
Speakers will include Win Armstrong of the Park West Village Tenant Association and Susannah Fritton of the PS 163 Task Force for Safe Schools

Neighborhood residents are fighting it! PS 163 parents are fighting it! Councilmember Mark Levine has introduced a bill to protect our schools from it!

Start at 1 pm on June 25th by standing with PS 163 students and parents to support CM Levine’s bill at a City Council hearing. Then attend the CFD meeting to join the fight, as we hear from those most affected and consider taking action including a resolution urging passage of CM Levine’s bill.

Presidential Endorsement Vote
Speaking on behalf of Hillary Clinton will be Senator Jose Serrano and speaking for Bernie Sanders will be CFD District Leader Nick Prigo

It’s not too early to learn more about the candidates and to declare our support for the one our Club feels should and will be the next President of the United States.

With health care legislation under constant attack, organized labor increasingly vilified, and the Supreme Court one vote away from effectively eliminating a woman’s right to control her reproductive health, the stakes in the next national election could hardly be higher.

Come participate in this most fundamental of political club activities. Help us select CFD’s endorsed candidate, so we can get out ahead of the rest doing everything we can — voter registration, getting the name on the ballot, phone-banking, selling buttons — to keep a Democrat in the White House!

June 25 – City Council Hearing on Bill to Limit Construction Noise Near Schools

City Council to Hold Hearing on Levine Bill to Limit Construction Noise Near Schools


MEDIA ADVISORY FOR: Thursday, June 25, 2015

CONTACT: Tyrone Stevens 917-842-5748 / tstevens@council.nyc.gov

NEW YORK — On June 25, 2015 the Committee on Environmental Protection Chaired by Council Member Donovan Richards will hold a hearing on Intro 420, a bill sponsored by City Council Member Mark Levine that would require mitigation of construction noise near schools. The bill would require noise from construction sites within 75 feet of any public or private school to not exceed 45 decibels (dBs) in any classroom during school operating hours. Currently, Intro 420 has more than 20 co-sponsors and has the support of concerned parents, as well as numerous health, legal and noise experts across the city.

Since 2011, construction has disrupted learning at more than 10 NYC public schools impacting more than 6,000 students. Right now, PS 75 and PS 163–elementary schools each serving more than 600 children on the Upper West Side–and the School of the Future, a well regarded middle and high school serving more than 700 students, all face the possibility of future years of loud and dangerous construction next door to their buildings. In 2014 alone, there were at least 880 individual schools located both within 100 feet of a tax lot containing a Building Permit and within 100 feet of a Noise Complaint during school hours.

What: Committee on Environmental Protection hearing on Intro 420 that would require noise from construction sites within 75 feet of any public or private school to not exceed 45 decibels (dBs) in any classroom during school operating hours.

When: Thursday, June 25, 2015 at 1pm

Where: Committee Room, City Hall

Who: Council Member Levine, Members of the Council Committee on Environmental Protection, medical, legal and noise experts, education advocates and concerned parents

June 20 – Petition with CFD

Petitioning is in full swing!
Join us at these locations this weekend.

67th Assembly District

Saturday, June 20, 12-2pm
West 86/Broadway
RSVP to Marc Landis at marclandis@gmail.com

Sunday, June 21, 12noon-4pm
West 80/Broadway
RSVP to Ray Hodell at rhodell165@gmail.com

69th Assembly District

Saturday, June 20, 11am-1pm
West 84/Columbus
RSVP to Joan Paylo at cfdjoan@aol.com

Sunday, June 21, 10am-12noon
Mani Market
West 94/Columbus
RSVP to Stephanie Lasher at stephlash@aol.com

May 28 – Small Business Crisis, Gale Brewer, Jerry Nadler, Endorsements

Spotlight on Small Business
Gale Brewer, Manhattan Borough President
Lucien Reynolds, Urban Planner, Manhattan Borough President’s Office
Mark Diller, Former Chair CB7
UWS Entrepreneurs

Thursday, May 28
Goddard Riverside Community Center
Columbus Avenue and 88th Street
Monthly Meeting starts at 7:30 PM
Panel Discussion at 8:00 PM

DC Update from Representative Jerry Nadler

Endorsement of candidates for Judicial Delegate
Endorsement of candidates for District Leader