March 26 – CFD Annual Meeting

Community Free Democrats Annual Meeting 2015
Thursday, March 26, 7:30 p.m.
Goddard Riverside Community Center
593 Columbus Avenue
(between W 88th and W 89th Sts)

Election of Officers and Board of Directors

Javier El-Hage
Human Rights Foundation

Incorporated in 2005, the HRF conducts advocacy, education, and direct outreach to closed societies, providing the activists and citizens of those countries with education, technology, food, medicine, and other humanitarian needs. In recognition of National Women’s History Month, Mr. El-Hage will pay special attention to global violations of women’s rights.


Candidate List:

Note: List in formation

President: Stephanie Lasher
Treasurer: Robert Gottheim
Vice President for Communications: Arlene Karole
Vice President for Membership: Hilda Classon, Mark Diller
Vice President for Programming: Ray Hodell
Vice President for Fund Raising: Suzanne Jacobson
Recording Secretary: Irene Dess
Corresponding Secretary: Ronald Walton

Bob Amsterdam
Jean Lee Anderson
Judith Bader-York
Alec Barrett
Zvi Bassan
Renee Goodstein
Susan Gwertzman
Valerie Horst
Sam Hudis
Jack Kellner
William King
Rachel Landis
Micah Lasher
Lloyd McAulay
Joan Mendez
Janice Oppenheimer
Richard Oppenheimer
Erica Overton
Maggi Peyton
Gabriel Rosen
Ben Schachter
Sharon Silberfarb
Ana Singh
Milagros Stanley
Joan Yazmir

I’m A Solution

A wonderful campaign launched by CFD’s own Jason Clark. I encourage everyone to participate:

In the wake of the deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown, the Metropolitan Black Bar Association of New York City and I, have been trying to identify ways to turn these unfortunate tragedies into something positive. Therefore, we have kicked off a social media campaign called “I am A Solution,” aimed at getting as many people as possible to make short videos with their phones, identifying one idea for improving relationships between police officers and minority communities. Then, participants are being asked to share their videos on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #IamASolution. Once it’s over, we are going to include the ideas recommended in a written report of possible solutions that will go to the NYC Mayor’s Office and other local officials. We’re also giving away a set of “Beats by Dre” Headphones to our favorite “I am a Solution” video, which will be a video that can be characterized as positive, innovative and inspirational. The campaign will continue at least until the end of April 2015.

The “I am A Solution” Campaign is about forging a new age of civic activism that informs, inspires, and mobilizes our community. To learn more, and see some of the videos that have already been submitted by visiting the I am A Solution Facebook page. Become a solution!